Friday, January 25, 2008

The BEST candles!!!! (giveaway)

Last night I had my Open House as a new Gold Canyon demonstrator. WOW do I love these candles!!!!! They burn clean and even, the scent is strong, and they're VERY pretty!!!!! There are SO many lovely scents to choose from!! I just can't get enough!!'s the deal. Post a comment and tell me YOUR favorite scent. A week from today (Feb. 1), I will draw a name from those that have posted, and that person will receive a FREE Gold Canyon candle!!!!

Also, through Feb. 1, order any Gold Canyon item(s) and receive 15% off. Just email me with your order,, so that I can apply the discount. Go to my website and browse through the selection...Annette's Gold Canyon.

Order by noon (CST), Jan. 31st, to qualify for special promotions:

Order $50-$74, take 70% off any 8 oz. Bella...only $3.89
Order $75-$99, take 70% off any 16 oz. Bella...only $5.09
Order $100-$124, take 70% off any 26. oz. Bella...only $5.99
Order $125 and up...take 70% off any Boutique Chic...only $7.19

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Meet my nieces

I've been thinking about them a lot lately, after spending so much time with them at Christmas.

This is Carley.

Carley is 5-years-old and goes to kindergarten. She's a great reader, and SO very smart!! Carley is a quiet observer. She could teach most of us adults a thing or two about watching and listening. Often times, she seems beyond her years, but once in awhile, the silliness of a 5-year-old comes out. She's good at the things she does because she pays attention. She REALLY pays attention.

This is Kadyn.

Kadyn will turn 4-years-old in March. However, she's "TIRED" of being "this many" (three fingers), so she has declared that she's "THIS MANY" (four fingers). Kadyn is a FIREBALL, which delights me to no end. When my girls were younger and going through the "terrible two's", "terrible three's", "terrible four's", etc., etc., etc., my brother was a very WISE young college kid. He had an endless supply of wisdom for me...things he would and would not allow, etc. Kadyn...well...she's taught him a thing or two about parenting!!! lol You know...the things like "some have a mind of their own, no matter what you do"...stuff like that. And, by the way, Mom, Dad, can all stop blaming that stubborn streak on ME!!!! I have NO idea WHERE she gets that!!!

Kadyn is just a little bit of a thing. She's the kind of kid who leaves you no choice but to fall in love with her. She's all of 22 lbs., and proud of it. In fact, when I picked her up to hug her recently, I teasingly told her she had no bottom. Boy, did she straighten me out about that!! Yes she DOES have a bottom, because "ALL KIDS HAVE BOTTOMS!!!!!" I stand corrected!!!

There's definitely something special about nieces. Despite the miles between us, and the difference in ages between them and my girls, they are all still very close. We truly enjoy the time we get to spend with them.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Baby It's COLD outside!!!

In fact, it's quite brutal!!! Currently it's a balmy 4 degrees with a wind chill of -21. Chris asked me if I want to go skiing on Mon. since he's off work and the girls are out of school. Personally, I don't have a problem with 12 degree temperatures as long as I'm bundled up and having fun. However, it sort of takes away from the enjoyment when you're standing at the top of a mountain with a child who's crying and refusing to ski down because she's too cold. Besides, it doesn't help with my candidacy for "Mom of the Year". So we'll see what the weather does.

This is the time of year I start dreaming about a beach vacation. Ahhhhhhh........if only....

For those of you wondering if I'm still stuck in a blizzard (Nic) :), no....just stuck indoors staying out of the frigid temperatures, and with the hubby at work every day and the kids at school, there doesn't seem to be much excitement going on to blog about. And I was doing SO well....

January has a way of flying by way too fast. We finally get the kiddos back to school, try to catch up on everything we fell behind on with the crazy holidays, get a jump start on all the goals for the new year, and's gone. Despite the lack of excitement and the brutal temperatures, I'd personally like to have it slow down just a bit.

Speaking of goals for the new year...I've been wanting to join a gym. However, we got a Wii for Christmas, and I'm thinking a few Wii games a day, and I'm in good shape!! :) It'll hurt ya!!!! Seriously!!!! By the way, I've gone pro in Boxing (and bowling), and I'm pretty much unbeatable. So Nathan, Mom, can laugh all you want about my form, and you can tell me all about how it's done, but who's the queen of boxing???? I say KO!!!!!