Thursday, May 14, 2009

Look familiar???

I was at my grandparents home/farm this past weekend helping clean it out and get it ready for an estate sale, a task I'm beginning to believe is never ending. My grandparents house was always a treasure trove. They both loved to collect things, and they had a BIG house full of lots and lots of STUFF! Going through their things was bittersweet. There are lots of memories...lots of treasures. And as an adult, it was kind of exciting to get to peek at some of the things that were so intriguing to me as a kid.

Digging through the old photos was a true adventure. Being a photo lover, it was especially exciting for me to see some very OLD photos, some photos I'd never seen before, and some that I'd forgotten about. And SOME I'd really prefer TO forget about! lol

My greatest treasures were those that other members of my family were throwing in the trash. This photo was one of them. I can't help but wonder who took this photo...was it my granddad? And when was it? And where, exactly? This one was definitely a "pull it out of the trash and add it to my stash" photo. :)

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nic said...

holy tornado! you know, i have dreams about those scary guys all the time, but have never actually seen one. looking at that photo, perhaps that's a mighty good thing!

love your tunage, btw. "gratitude" is a personal favorite of mine.