Thursday, May 28, 2009

What's in store for your SUMMER SUMMER SUMMER???

Summer is here, and I'm SO glad! I love summer!!!! Life without an alarm clock (on occasion anyway), days spent in the pool, dinner from the grill....

What's in store for OUR summer? Well...we should be (hopefully) moving to our new house next week. Cassidy's taking driver's ed next week (HELP ME!!!), and between the two girls, we've got 2 church camps, 1 mission trip, 3 basketball camps, 1 tennis camp, and 5 tennis tournaments. And for the family...10 days of wheat harvest and a few days at a family reunion in the mountains. So....looks like it's going to be busy. Anyone like to paint? My new house needs some wall paper peeled and a lot of new paint.

Now here's the fun part. Post here and tell me what you like most about summer, or any special plans you have...1 entry for every comment. Mention Pickles and Co. in a tweet or blog, get 5 entries each. Visit my Pickles and Co. store on Etsy or Pickles and Co. on eBay and tell me what you like...get another entry. On Monday, June 1, I will randomly choose a winner. The winner will receive a $10 eBay gift certificate, and who couldn't use THAT! :)


Flair for Fabric said...

What I like most about summer? The sun, playing outside with the little boys and some reading too!
I love the Princess Applique set in your etsy shop :

Gena said...

I love the Boutique custom TROPICAL HIBISCUS BEACH 2pc appliqued set on Etsy, and I tweeted about it @genawebb

Holly said...

My fav is the what your pet says about you set... I noticed that last night on ebay. Grace did such a good job modeling it too.

Summers are not the best around here because we're in the desert. Our plans are to get out of town for trips to cooler climates, like San Diego. Hubby gets more time off work in the summer, so the best part is having him home more.

Lesli said...

I love everything you make, but the Pet set is SOOOO adorable! Love the photo booth!

My favorite part about Summer is having both of my "babies" home. The days are so hectic during the school year, so it's nice to slow down a little and just enjoy my kids. My son starts school this year, so I want to make the most of this time we have together. I always look forward to our family Summer trip as well, and we're hoping to go back to Disney again this year!

LittleWildThings said...

I love that okay to have ice cream for dinner on a hot summers day. Really, what could be better than that?
I love, love, love the retro rainbow set. I have to admit I had the toys and watched the cartoon. LOVE IT!!